Insight Analytics

Data Analysis & Reports

Typical Analysis

  • Complex Calculations
  • What – If Analysis
  • Scenarios
  • Monte Carlo Simulations
  • Summary Tables
  • Pivot Tables
  • Summarize Attribute Data
  • Modeling
  • Financial Analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Instrument Collected Data Analysis
  • Regression Analysis

Dashboard Reports

Using the analytical power of Excel a dashboard report creates a great overview of large amounts of data so that key trends and relationships that drive revenue and profit can be readily seen. The magazine-quality display of the data is as important as the data itself. Effective displays make for easy interpretation.

We can craft a dashboard report that creates a great synopsis of your company’s data. This graphical approach supports an easy and fast interpretation of key company metrics and trends. This analysis makes financial forecasting and modeling much easier than ever before allowing us to give you a sharper image of your business’s data and a better view of a pathway to future financial success. Without a doubt, a financial snapshot and forecast is an exceedingly important part of any data analysis; we can help you do it as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Data Visualization And Reporting

Graphically presented data makes it much easier to understand trends and draw conclusions. This is why throughout the process we keep you in the loop with easy to read tables, charts, and reports that will help you precisely understand your company’s data. With this data visualization we help you understand what the numbers mean through a process called data interpretation. This means we take automated spreadsheets and reports, and explain each portion so you can see what data your company is producing and get a sense of its’ financial health. We continue this interpretation with data and trend analysis to offer you a sense of what might happen if you continue on your current path. This data analysis can help you modify financial mechanisms in your company to ensure you remain profitable, or it can simply help you make decisions about the future. All in all, it is an integral part of the Insight AZ process.

Regression Analysis

Excel makes it easy to display a regression analysis of your data using several mathematical algorithms keeping the data organized and readable. In other words, by using all of the data at hand—including that determined by data analysis and trend analysis—we can see how it all relates and derive further conclusions based on that data.

Regression analysis in Excel is a powerful tool that can help make the data you retrieve easier to understand while clarifying your business decisions for the future. All of these processes—from the very beginning phase of asking questions, to the data visualization and trend analysis steps—are equally important in generating a whole, easy to read image of the data your company produces. Call us if you have questions or need an estimate for a project !