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Automated Spreadsheets

Why Automate a Spreadsheet?

Oftentimes it takes a long time to gather data and analyze it in a spreadsheet. Many of the tasks are time consuming and repetitive. A spreadsheet can be programmed (VBA) to perform all of your repetitive tasks in the blink of an eye. It can also be programmed to utilize Excel in ways never imagined by the user.

VBA is the tool used to develop programs that control an Excel spreadsheet. We can write the code that will enable your workbooks to do amazing things lightning fast.

Have trouble creating data summaries and charts? Spend a lot of time culling and combining data from multiple sources? We can help by creating a professional, well organized spreadsheet that can perform your assignment quickly and efficiently. Many times we reduce hours long tasks to a matter of minutes!

Some of you may wonder why automate Excel? Properly written macros and formulas can have a huge impact on your business’s productivity. Many of the tasks we automate are exceedingly repetitive and tedious meaning you’ll be spending a lot of time and money repeating the process every month or every week. Excel Macros and Formulas can make your spreadsheets do incredible things at the click of a button meaning you’ll never have to organize columns, create data summaries and charts, create pivot tables or even cull and combine data from multiple sources ever again. No more manual entries, no more endless wizards and menu selections. With Excel Macros, Formulas, and Smartsheet applications, we can make your business run like clockwork. We create workbooks that our clients can only imagine!!

Can I Do VBA Myself?

If you have the technical acumen you can. Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is a high level programming language which can take a long time to learn. Excel automation isn’t just simple organization; it is actual programming that utilizes difficult formulas, objects, conditionals and loops. Unless you have mastered this programming language and have a lot of development time available we do not advise writing your own VBA code.

Excel Macros/Automation and Excel Applications are major components of what we do. If properly utilized we can reduce your workload from hours to mere minutes. Here at Insight Analytics we use the power of Excel Formulas and VBA to ensure your company gets what it needs from the mountains of data it produces every day while reducing the time and effort to create an easy to understand analysis.

If you want more information about Excel Macros, Excel Formulas, or Spreadsheet Applications, call us today so we can help you mine your business data for gold.