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Productivity Examples

Commissions Workbook

The workbook is designed to apply a complicated commission schedule payout based on the performance, payrate and billable hours of over 400 consultants associated with the corporation. It also imports hours, pay rates etc from an online HR website to update the internal main data table. It generates a report in both XL and PDF format for distribution within selected elements of the organization.  Other reports within the workbook aid in measuring and summarizing key corporate metrics. It was created to replace a DOS based program.

Data Reconciliation

Reconciles data between datasets. A to B and B to C type comparisons. Finds missing data, incorrect social security numbers and mismatched record values based on user criteria.

Bid/Proposal Package

Takes pricing and historical cost data and formulates a bid package for a variety of businesses. Presents the quote in a user friendly manner. The compilation of a quote and proposal is fast and accurate.

Budget Analysis

Budgeting by year and quarter is made easy and fast with this application.

Field Service Reports

Real time field reports ? Many businesses gather data in the field away from the office computing environment. This is a spreadsheet based personalized interface that provides on-line or off-line interaction with your business data applications through a tablet pc and wireless internet connection. Its’ capabilities include emailing completed forms to the client and service provider as well as depositing either PDF or Excel versions to cloud based folders. All with one button push! The data distribution can be customized for each user and client as desired. No more filling out forms with pen and paper only to be re-entered back at the office! Reports at the speed of light !

Soccer Scheduling

This workbook is designed to take team registration data and time slot information and create a schedule of soccer matches for each of three indoor soccer fields. Because of the extensive copying and pasting of data the original workbook took 3 days to create including data cleanup. Now the schedule can be derived in less than 10 minutes due to all the VBA code and reorganized data tables.

Real Time Stock  Analysis

This VBA driven workbook connects to IQFeed and analyzes advance/decline and trading volume changes for up to 500 stocks in time intervals chosen by the user. Results are shown on candlestick and bar graph charts.

Affordable HealthCare Coding

This workbook uses VBA and complex formulas to create Box 14 and 16 codes for employee W-2 forms based on imported HR data. A spreadsheet is required because the coding logic is very complex.

Phone Call Analysis

This workbook downloads office phone call data from a cell provider and provides a fast analysis by user of calls in versus calls out .. calls by state .. call duration by called client .. call distribution by hour .. call outliers .. callbacks from clients by frequency and duration to name a few.