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MS Office

Microsoft has a powerful array of applications that can perform almost any computing task in the office environment:

Word can create everything from letters, forms to brochures.

Excel contains very powerful and flexible analytical tools and user friendly graphs in spreadsheet form.

Access is a database manager with an easy-to-use graphical interface.

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  • Data Analysis

    Conclusions derived and displayed in a graphical way.

  • Boost Efficiency

    Develop metrics to enhance the bottom line.

  • MS Office

    Reduce hours of work to minutes.

About Insight Analytics

Giving Back

We are a for-profit LLC; however we donate 10% of all revenues (not profits) to charity as part of our commitment to give back to the community.

MS Office

Welcome to Insight Analytics. Good data analysis enables businesses to achieve their profit goals. For years we have helped businesses make sense of their data and dataset queries by transforming them into easy to understand analytics utilizing complex applications like Excel and Access in conjunction with Visual Basic to provide long term, efficient solutions for their high level data.

Visual Basic Programming can transform your disparate data into virtual gold. As VBA developers we can take your data and organize it in ways that would be impossible or very time consuming for your staff. Spreadsheets can be programmed in VBA to perform even the most repetitive and tedious tasks in the blink of an eye saving you both time and money.

Throughout the entire process we will collaborate with you to insure that all user interfaces, data analysis, reports and deliverables conform to your expectations and requirements.

A Note About Automating Excel and Access

Throughout the years we have developed considerable expertise in this area. Everyone uses them but very few become proficient. We focus on the power user; that individual who creates or consumes complex workbooks that challenge their creative abilities. Ever look at your spreadsheet and think “How can I get it to do ….. “. Well it can and we can get you there. A spreadsheet can do almost any task from arranging images in a matrix to the most complex scientific or statistical calculation. We can run scenarios. We can do Monte Carlo simulations. You name it; it can be done in Excel. We love the challenge of creating workbooks that our clients can only image.


Overall, we take pride in describing facts, developing predictive models, and detecting patterns for your business. We truly enjoy helping our clients gain insight into even the most challenging analytical datasets. With that in mind, explore our website to see firsthand why so many choose InsightAZ  for their analytical needs. Discover Insight Analytics and rediscover your business. Call us for more information or to schedule a meeting; we can’t wait to see you!

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